Bad Piggies is Rovio’s new franchise and successor to Angry Birds

angry birds 2

Rovio, realizing that there might be a limit to how many times it can re-release Angry Birds and trick people into spending another few dollars on the same levels, has announced a successor to the king of mobile games: Bad Piggies.

That’s right. Innovation in the land of Rovio is making a game about the bad guys from Angry Birds. It will be downloaded million upon millions of times.

Speaking with Fast Company, Rovio VP Petri Jarvilehto said, “We consider this the launch of a new franchise [rather than a sequel].” Does Bad Piggies distinguish itself? Seems so. Rather than destroy structures as in Angry Birds, the goal here is to build vehicles and tools to help the pigs reach those delicious eggs they’re obsessed with.

The game will be out on Sept. 27 and cost 99-cents just like ye olde Angry Birds did when it first came out.

Excitement for the game isn’t at the fever pitch you’d expect based on the profitability of the Angry Birds series. The YouTube teaser for Bad Piggies has clocked just over 365,000 views since Aug. 30. The first teaser for Angry Birds Space has nearly 2.9 million. Maybe people are still angry at those pigs.