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Baldur’s Gate 3 patch revealed via a bizarre escape room livestream

Larian Studios announced that features like character backgrounds and disarming enemies are coming to Baldur’s Gate 3 via a new patch. The studio announced the update via a rather unorthodox livestream, revealing all the new content with a live roleplaying session featuring an escape room dungeon crawl.

One of the main features included in Patch 5 is Active Rolls. When players are asked to perform a skill check, they can now have their party augment their rolls using their spells. Players will no longer need to spam Guidance before every potential conversation. Backgrounds are also included in Patch 5, opening up small quests for players depending on what background they choose. Performing actions that are in line with these backgrounds will reward players with inspiration dice or more experience.

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Larian Studios is also listening to the community carefully and has fixed nonlethal attacks, as well as split jumping and the disengage action in combat. These fixes have been two of the main concerns players had in the early access.

All of this news was brought to viewers through the Panel from Hell livestream that Larian Studios hosts to keep players updated on its progress with the game. However, the studio did something a little different and had a live-action roleplay, or LARP, session featuring people playing characters navigating through a puzzle-filled dungeon. The actions that players performed were voted on via chat by people watching the livestream. This certainly was an excellent change of pace, especially compared to the more serious conferences that filled E3 this year.

Baldur’s Gate 3 still does not have a release date yet. The developers stated that they want to take as much time as they need in order to create the game that they want. Patch 5 for Baldur’s Gate 3 will be available to download on July 13.

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