Batman: Arkham City DLC coming on December 20

batman arkham city dlc coming on december 20Although Rocksteady is likely hard at work dreaming up the next Batman game, they aren’t done with Batman: Arkham City just yet.

The Bat-developer loves the idea of downloadable content. So much so that a respectable chunk of the game, ala the Catwoman content, was available for those that purchased the game new. So it isn’t all that surprising to see Rocksteady continue to push out new content for fans that are hungry for more.

Earlier today, Rocksteady announced via its Twitter feed that a new challenge map featuring the Batcave is scheduled for December 20. Also available on the same day will be the Joker Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge, two challenge maps that were originally released as pre-order bonuses only.

Depending on how and where you purchased your copy of Batman: Arkham City, you may have some downloading to do if you want all the content. Along with the Catwoman content that was included with the game, both Nightwing and Robin challenge packs have been released. On December 6, a skin pack featuring several different looks for Batman will be released, followed on the 20th with the new challenge maps.

Rocksteady has already confirmed that there will be more Batman games in the near future, which makes sense, seeing as how Arkham City is among the year’s biggest hits.