‘Arkham Origins’ stars talk the first meeting of Batman and the Joker

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Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker get to fulfill the dreams of many when they take on the roles of Batman and the Joker respectively, and square off on October 25, 2013 in Batman: Arkham Origins. In the third game in the series that was originally created by Rocksteady before switching over to Warner Bros. Montreal, Origins sends players back to an earlier moment in the Caped Crusader’s life, a time when Batman was little more than a very angry masked vigilante. The events of the game’s story, which spans a single Gotham City evening, pits the future World’s Greatest Detective against a cast of familiar faces, including his arch-nemesis, the Joker.

Although many fans may not instantly recognize their names, they may recognize their voices. Both Smith and Baker have given voice to high profile gaming characters over the last few years, and both have careers that stretch back decades. Baker has been especially busy this year, having voiced Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite and Joel in The Last of Us, while Smith gave life to Master Assassin Ezio Auditore de Firenze in Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations.

Baker and Smith both come to these roles fresh, and they both get to enjoy examining an earlier era in the two characters’ contentious relationship. They follow a trail laid down by a long list of performers that have faced off in a similar fashion: Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill; Christian Bale and Heath Ledger; Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson; even Adam West and Cesar Romero.

Speaking in separate roundtable interviews at New York Comic-Con, both men – who happen to be friends in real life – made one thing abundantly clear: there is nothing fresh for them to bring to these diametrically opposed roles. Arkham Origins doesn’t attempt to reinvent; it simply presents a picture of an earlier moment in the Dark Knight’s evolution.

Note: These were both roundtable interviews in which multiple reporters sat together to interview each actor. We’ve done our best to accurately transcribe the questions asked by other journalists, but some paraphrasing was necessary due to unclear audio.

Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins

Roger Craig Smith, voice of Batman
Roger Craig Smith, voice of Batman

What are you bringing to this project that’s new?

Essentially, the character is just at a different timeline than we’ve seen previously. There is nothing new that I think I can bring to this. As an actor, individually, it would be very pretentious of me to sit there and say, ‘Well, here’s what I bring to this role.’ Really, a nice part about being a voice actor is being a tool, and being a big, old chunk of clay that a director, a creative director, a producer, a writer, the animators, and everybody that works at Warner Bros Montreal that everybody gets to say, ‘This version of this character, we want it to sound like this. Can you do it?’ And you go in every day and you throw something against the wall, vocally, and hope that it sticks.

In terms of anything new being brought to a role, I wouldn’t be the first to know. For one, I haven’t even played the game in its entirety, or at all really. I am just excited as anyone else about October 25, because then I get to get my hands on it and plug it in, and go, ‘What is this ride? What are people going to experience on this?’ I rarely get a chance to see fully rendered versions of the performances we’ve already laid down. You go in and just kind of play ‘theater of the mind’ in front of a microphone, and then all these talented people take it and stick it in someplace. And you go, ‘Oh, no way! What a trip! I didn’t realize I was flying when I said that!’ So in terms of bringing something new, I think that’s up to [other people] to decide.

It was definitely not a motivation on my part, it wasn’t anything I was intending to do. I just go in and hope that I entertain the people behind the glass, because that’s the immediate nature of what I do. I try not to think too much about [making] my mark with this character. I’m going to do whatever’s right by the character, because there are so many talented creative people out there that have a far grander vision for this than I could possibly have. So I rely very heavily on having them tell me ‘louder, faster, shorter, funnier,’ that kind of thing.

What was it like working on Batman and Joker’s first meeting in the game?

Tons of fun. For one, if you get to work with one of your good friends, it’s always a really fun thing. Knowing that you are the good guy and he is the bad guy is just a blast. All of the relationship-building that takes place in Arkham Origins, to me, is more the fascinating element of this particular story. We have an opportunity. Even Batman and Alfred have an opportunity to define what their roles are with one another. Which, in the past, it’s always just been he’s there to supply you with information. He pops into your ear and tells you what’s going on.

Batman Arkham Origins_Sept 18_3

There are some really interesting things that take place in Arkham Origins that were some of the more memorable moments for me. But yes, to answer your question: it’s awesome. It’s one of those things where you’ve always wondered what it would be like. I mean, even some of the trailers we’ve already seen where Joker is his unhinged self opening up that early Christmas Eve present, and Batman’s just growling at him, ‘How many lives did you just take?’ And there’s the Joker just laughing through it all. The Joker, to me, is just one of the most deliciously evil, unhinged human beings that’s out there. I don’t even know if he’s human, because he’s just so wonderfully wrong in so many ways. So yeah, getting to explore that was a lot of fun. Lot of fun.

Which is your Batman? There have been so many over the years, but we all have one – maybe more than one – that we identify with. Which one is yours?

You know what? I really, really did like Christian Bale’s version of Batman. I’ve never seen the Clooney version. But to hear him [talk about it], he’s so self-deprecating on that. Even recently, somebody asked him about commenting on ‘Batfleck’ and he said, ‘I am the last person to comment on that, as I so horribly destroyed the character.’ I hate to hear that from him because I’m sure that was never his intention. And there’s so many variables that enter into any performance. But I really enjoyed Christian Bale. And actually, the voice didn’t bother me. I know everybody hated the [he growls unintelligibly here], but… I looked at it as, if I was this eccentric billionaire that everybody knows, that I’m on news interviews and that kind of thing, and I wanted to go out and fight crime and put on this mask, I’d want to try to disguise my voice to make it hard for people to [recognize me]. I thought it made good sense.

“All of the relationship-building that takes place in Arkham Origins, to me, is more the fascinating element of this particular story.”

I would say he’s my Batman. That and the ’60s TV version. Is it not amazing to see how many versions we’ve seen? LEGO Batman, the ’60s, the comic book versions, the dark comic book versions, the kids shows, all this stuff. It’s amazing how this character has survived and grown and had so many different versions, and yet people still love the character. Even after that tights-wearing 1960s Adam West version which is awesome and hilarious … it was so silly in its nature but [it was also] iconic and fun.

Did you draw from any specific source for the role?

No, but we were trying to be very aware of the fact that, with an iconic character like this, we’ve got to cover a lot of bases. It was one of those things where you’ve got to know that the public is very aware of a theatrical version, an animated version, two prior Arkham games. It really always boils down to staying within the realm of the character. That being said, somebody asked me what was it like to work in your lower register like that but have to get a little angrier? Because this is a younger Batman, so he’s a little more unhinged in some ways. Was it hard to do the growl thing? If anything, it was hard to not try to push it to where it starts to sound like I’m doing a Christian Bale impression. I try not to think about what the fans [will think]. I just want to make sure that the director Eric Holmes is happy, and the writers are happy. That’s my job.


Do you have a preference for inhabiting an existing character like Batman, versus doing something that’s an original character, where people don’t have preconceived notions of who they are?

I don’t know, they both have their positive points and their negative points. With a pre-established character, you’re going to have people who go, ‘Well wait a minute. What do you think you’re doing?’ It’s not lost on me that there are going to be a lot of people out there [who compare me to former Batman voice actor] Kevin Conroy. That was never what we wanted to do. I can’t be. You can’t fill those shoes. For 20 year, the guy has been doing this character. So with that, it’s always kind of an interesting thing because you are always going to be put side-by-side with something. But with that comes a challenge. And it’s also just an honor to be able to step into the role of something that is so iconic and so beloved by so many people. I think anybody given the chance would want to take it on.

And with an [original] role, like Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, you come out going, ‘I don’t know if people are going to like this.’ You don’t know. There are already fans of Batman. You know they love Batman. But I don’t know if people are going to like Ezio. So there’s the challenge of trying to create something from nothing that will hopefully be well-received. It’s kind of an equal point. They both have pros and cons, and it’s a blast.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Page 2: The Joker (Troy Baker)

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