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'Battlefield 1' enters the competitive gaming world with 'Incursions'

Battlefield 1 Revolution Official Trailer
Battlefield 1 will soon add a new competitive mode meant to appeal to esports players as well as those who prefer to sit back and watch their games. “Incursions” is a five-on-five, fast, and strategic competitive mode unlike anything else offered in the game.

Beginning with a closed alpha test in September — you can register on the Battlefield website  — the small-scale Incursions mode was designed with the help of Battlefield 1 players and is meant to be an intense mode that is perfect for viewing in addition to playing. Players “draft” their equipment and abilities at the beginning of each match, and the scoring system has been changed so every single point is important. Though it is on a small scale, there still will be some vehicles, including small anti-infantry tanks and these can change the course of a battle in an instant.

Even if you are not interested in Incursions, there is plenty of Battlefield 1 content on the way. The much-anticipated In the Name of the Tsar expansion will release next month and if you have the game’s Premium Pass, you can play the expansion’s “Lupkow Pass” map right now. A third expansion is scheduled to release in December and the fourth will follow in early 2018.

In the Name of the Tsar brings the World War I fight to the eastern front for the first time, offering a look at a particularly bleak side of the conflict, with crumbling buildings and freezing-cold weather.

Don’t have Battlefield 1 but still want to experience all of this content? You will be able to do so with Battlefield 1: Revolution, a complete edition of the game that includes the original Battlefield 1 as well as the Premium Pass, giving you access to all the expansions. Battlefield 1: Revolution is currently on sale for $60, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing the game and its $50 expansion pass separately.

Battlefield 1 is available for Xbox One, Battlefield 1, and PC. The game is also included as part of the EA Access and Origin Access subscription services. For $5 a month, members can play a selection of Electronic Arts games for an unlimited amount of time, including Titanfall 2 and several EA Sports games.

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