These 9 tips will help you win your next charge in ‘Battlefield 1’

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The war to end all wars is raging in developer DICE’s new Battlefield 1, and as fans of the series know, the game is full of huge battles across sweeping stages that require strategy, patience, skill, and time to master.

If you’re new to Battlefield games, Battlefield 1 is a solid place to start. It tweaks the class-based, big-team formula of previous games with its new setting and close-combat-oriented weapons. Any Battlefield game can appear a bit daunting, though, if you’re unfamiliar with how these games work — what with vehicles, horseback troops, giant zeppelins, and squad deployments.

There’s a lot to learn in Battlefield 1, but if you’re just starting out, these nine tips can help you get up to fighting strength in a hurry, while you get used to some of the nuances of the classes, the weapons, and the vehicles.

1. Play the campaign

Jumping right into a Battlefield 1 multiplayer battle, especially if you’re new to the series, throws you into the middle of battles with a bunch of unfamiliar weapons, and much more importantly, unfamiliar vehicles. Luckily, the single-player campaign for Battlefield 1 basically acts as a series of tutorials for different situations you’ll experience in multiplayer. Conquering the campaign will help you get acquainted with lots of the stuff you’ll find when you head into multiplayer, and let you cut your teeth on things you’ve never seen before.

You can play the campaign in any order, so hop in and get a feel for the aspects of the game that are most useful to you. One level is all about driving a tank, and another is largely about flying in a biplane — both of which are great for avoiding being the guy who immediately crashes a vehicle with teammates in it into a mountainside or a big muddy deathtrap. Other levels include a ride in an armored train that can show up in “Operations” matches, and a chance to try out the armored Sentry elite class that pops up in multiplayer. It’s worth your time to learn the ropes of these things in single-player, which can be so you’re ready to do some damage in multiplayer.

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