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'Battlefield 1' Premium Friends feature lets more players get in on the fun

Battlefield 1 Official They Shall Not Pass Trailer
Battlefield 1 has received a wealth of post-release content since its launch last October, including the free map “Giant’s Shadow,” but a number of other locations are locked behind a paywall. With the game’s new “Premium Friends” feature, however, it’ll be easier than ever for any player to compete on downloadable maps.

Premium Friends is built into Battlefield 1‘s existing Premium Pass — a season pass that gives players access to all postrelease content such as extra equipment, weapons, and maps. If a party contains a player who has purchased the Premium Pass, that party is “Premium enabled,” giving everyone access to the maps typically locked behind the pass, provided that the Premium member remains in the party.

Only the maps offered with the pass are available through Premium Friends. Any extra gear or weapons released as downloadable content won’t be available to the other players at the selection screen, though they’re still able to acquire it during a match off a fallen enemy.

Non-Premium players also won’t be able to gain experience points while they’re playing in the extra maps, but should they choose to purchase access later, these points will be added to their profile retroactively. Medals and challenges associated with expansion packs will also not be tracked.

“We will pay close attention to your feedback on Premium Friends,” producer Andreas Skoglund said in the announcement. “It’s our goal to work toward molding this feature into something that embodies our commitment to you, our amazing community.”

Battlefield 1‘s Premium Friends feature goes live on Thursday, March 30. The game recently launched the expansion They Shall Not Pass, containing four new maps, as well as access to the French army. The map “Rupture” is among the most gorgeous locations we’ve ever seen in a multiplayer shooter, with delicate red flowers contrasting against the brutality of World War I.

Battlefield 1 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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