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Battlefield 2042 is finally getting in-game voice chat

Just five months after it was initially released, Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a basic — and often demanded — feature: In-game voice chat. The ability to talk to squadmates in the massive, team-based first-person shooter will be added in the game’s 4.0 update, which is set to roll out on April 19.

Update 4.0 for #Battlefield2042 goes live across all platforms tomorrow (19/4) at 08:00 UTC ✅

It's a zero-downtime update so you'll be good to jump in and play once you have it downloaded 🎮

Update Notes:

— Battlefield Direct Communication (@BattlefieldComm) April 18, 2022

In-game voice chat (otherwise known as VOIP) will be functional for anyone in a party or in a squad. Like past Battlefield titles, the game won’t be an open channel for every player on one team, which makes even more sense now that teams can have up to 64 players. Players will be able to adjust their in-game voice chat settings from the Sound/Voice submenu of the game’s options screen.

Along with in-game voice chat, developer Dice is also adjusting some of Battlefield 2042‘s weapon attachments. These changes focus on making each attachment’s difference on a weapon more “unique and noticeable.” For example, some of the game’s optic attachments will have a lower aim down sight speed while their magnifications are increased.

Dice is also adjusting one of Battlefield 2042‘s most popular vehicles with tomorrow’s update. Anyone playing the game has probably been killed a disproportionate number of times by someone in an M5C Bolte. The speedy vehicles are capable of wiping out entire squads with their turrets, and can even pose a threat to other, larger vehicles with the right attachments. Tomorrow’s update will nerf the vehicle, making its driver and passengers easier to shoot and drastically decreasing the damage its missile launcher attachment deals out.

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