Battlefield 3 PS3 footage revealed on last night’s Jimmy Fallon Show

Battlefield 3 Jimmy Fallon

Electronic Arts made a big splash at E3 2011 last week with Battlefield 3, the long-awaited sequel in the popular military-themed first-person shooter series from DICE. The developer actually made a stopover in New York City this week with an early build of a PlayStation 3 version of the game for an appearance last night on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It’s the first time a console version of the game has been shown to the public.

The portion of the game shown is actually pulled from what we’ve already seen in one of those “Fault Lines” gameplay videos released earlier this year. Here you actually get to see people playing it in real time though, and with a proper PS3 controller. You don’t get a true sense of how the game looks in a streaming YouTube video, even when it’s cranked up to 1080p, but it seems clear enough that this console version hasn’t cut too many corners in porting the work done on the PC release, which is the “lead” development platform, to PS3.

The most amusing bit in the video pops up toward the end, when Fallon gets to take a crack at the game himself. The late night host has done a lot to cater to the video game-playing audience on his show and it’s clear that he at least has an understanding of the medium and why it appeals to people. It’s just as clear that he doesn’t spend his every evening playing Call of Duty; Fallon struggles a bit with the controls here, but he harnesses his natural talents as a comic to play with that. You can check out the clip in the embed below.