Battlefield 3 teases Medal of Honor sequel

battlefield 3 teases medal of honor sequel moh teaserGamers that pick up a copy of Battlefield 3 will find a little surprise nestled in with the box contents. On the back of the flier that includes the online access code for each game is the teaser image above, which confirms that a sequel to Medal of Honor is on the way. We had already heard that developer Danger Close was working on a follow up, but this is the first tangible proof.

The toothy grin and the number 1, along with the official website are all that we have been offered, but it is a nice reminder that the franchise is alive and well. The 2010 relaunch of the series was met with slightly mixed reviews, but it went on to sell more than five million copies worldwide. That, paired with the history of the series and the name recognition alone, made another release all but a certainty.

The timing is interesting though. EA would love to steal a bit of thunder from Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, not to mention some of its profits. One thing the Call of Duty franchise does that most others can’t, is to release annual iterations thanks to rotating studios. Perhaps EA is taking note. And while we shouldn’t expect to see Battlefield 4 next year, could EA be looking at Fall of next year, right before the next Call of Duty game, to release the next Medal of Honor?

We probably won’t find out a proposed release date for a few months at least. For now, EA’s spotlight is firmly on Battlefield 3, which will be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow.