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EA and Dice give us a taste of the first ‘Battlefield V’ Tides of War update

Battlefield V - Official Launch Trailer

Battlefield V will begin the first chapter of its live-service Tides of War component December 4, giving players access to a new campaign mission and multiplayer map, among other things. To prepare players for the new content, developer Dice has prepared a sneak peek, and it includes some needed changes.

Called Overture, the first chapter of Tides of War focuses primarily on Belgium, and tanks play a major role in it. The Last Tiger campaign mission, which is currently inaccessible in Battlefield V, stars a German tank crew, and the new map “Panzerstorm” should test your team’s ability to destroy enemy armor.

The practice range will also be available next week for those interested in trying out weapons before taking them into a live match, but most of the other changes in Battlefield V are smaller tweaks to fix issues. Delays with reviving teammates have been fixed, so you’ll be able to get your friends back in the action more quickly, and medics will also find their submachine guns to be more effective combat tools. As of now, they aren’t the best, but their range will be increased and their accuracy has been improved.

Battlefield V Dev Talks: Tides of War - The Road Ahead

One of the biggest complaints Dice has received thus far in Battlefield V involves the “time to kill” or “TTK” — the average time it takes from when you spawn into the map until you die. Right now, it’s not unusual to die just a few seconds after entering the game. However, Dice is still working on adjusting this and will not be including any immediate changes in Overture.

“We want to propose any TTK model changes to you, the community, and involve you in testing experimental changes with the goal of improving experience and [creating] deep gameplay potential,” Dice said in its update post.

Battlefield V certainly has the scale and destruction the series is known for, but many of its issues come from it releasing before it should have. The battle royale mode Firestorm won’t be available until next year, and both the campaign and multiplayer shipped with several bugs we didn’t experience in 2016’s Battlefield 1. Those can certainly be fixed over time, but early sales figures suggest players haven’t latched onto the game as strongly as they did in the past.

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