Beck joins Deadmau5 as guest star in PS Vita’s Sound Shapes

beck joins deadmau5 as another star contributor for ps vitas sound shapes gets 3 new songs

Sound Shapes for PlayStation Vita is not a loser, nor does it have a devil’s haircut, but the promising title from Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak and Capybara does have itself an all-star cast of contributing musicians. Deadmau5 is providing some exclusive wub-wubs to the game, as is Jim Guthrie of Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP fame. That’s not to mention Shaw-Han Liem, otherwise known as I Am Robot and Proud, who helped birth the game in the first place. The latest musician to join Jon Mak’s drunken posse is none other than Beck.

Pitchfork reported on Wednesday that Beck is providing 3 new songs to the game, including “Touch the People,” “Cities,” and “Spiral Staircase,” the last of which makes this music dork’s heart long for Pavement to get involved with the game. Pyramid Attack, the animation and design studio responsible for Guitar Hero II’s cutscenes, are behind the visuals that accompany Beck’s stages in the game.

Sound Shapes is due out on August 7 on PlayStation Vita and it looks absolutely spectacular. Its mix of touch controls, traditional platforming, sweet jams, and succulent art is exactly what’s been missing from Sony’s wayward handheld.