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The best video games of March 2022

Thanks to Elden Ring, February 2022 will go down as one of the best months for video games ever. But March 2022 wasn’t too shabby either. From the latest entries in long-running series like Kirby, Gran Turismo, and Shadow Warrior to ambitious new ideas from smaller studios, there were plenty of awesome experiences across several genres for players to experience this month.

If you were too busy playing the massive Elden Ring, you might have missed some fantastic games. These are seven titles from March 2022 that players should go and check out once the Elden Ring hype dies down. 

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Mouthful Mode Reveal – Nintendo Switch

Kirby is back and more three-dimensional than ever. While this hallmark Nintendo series started in 1992, it had yet to deliver an open 3D experience like Mario, Zelda, and many other classic franchises. Now, on the franchise’s t0th anniversary, Kirby and the Forgotten Land makes the jump to 3D spectacularly. It features the excellent level design and diverse copy abilities expected from the series and also introduces the meme-worthy “Mouthful Mode” mechanic where Kirby can suck up, but not entirely swallow, large objects. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land got four stars from Digital Trends. “Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a delightful puzzle-platformer that adds more dimensions to the basic Kirby formula,” Gaming editor Giovanni Colantonio wrote in his review. “Mouthful Mode isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a hysterical mechanic that deepens the puzzle potential. The art direction is the star of the show, turning basic platforming motifs into a creative world that always had me curious to see what awaited me in the next level.”

Whether you’re looking for a new game to play with your kid, a wholesome title to cheer you up, or just a solid 3D platformer, Kirby and the Forgotten Land checks all of those boxes. It sets an exciting new precedent that future games in the series will potentially follow. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Gran Turismo 7

A car drives past a Dunlop advertisement in Gran Turismo 7.

While this game has been met with some controversy over its online focus and microtransactions, there’s no denying that Gran Turismo 7 is an incredibly refined racing game experience. Sony’s latest first-party PS5 exclusive contains many high-end cars realized in stunning detail and lets players fully embrace the simulation of upgrading, tuning, and racing. 

Gran Turismo 7 is a comprehensive racing simulator with features that will please series fans, those looking to learn about cars, and people who just want to race casually,” I wrote in a four-star review. “While this simulator is more focused on making the player feel elegant rather than exhilarated, it sticks to its vision and highlights the power of the PS5.”

Until the next Forza Motorsport game releases, Gran Turismo 7 is the new gold standard for simulation racing thanks to its intricate design that tries to make all of its players into car enthusiasts. It’s just as engaging on PS4. Gran Turismo 7 is available on PS4 and PS5.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 - Release Date Trailer

Shadow Warrior 3 is a short and sweet first-person shooter that channels the high-octane energy of its predecessors and games like Doom Eternal. Although it’s not very deep and can be beaten in just a few hours, Shadow Warrior 3 is a wacky and hard to put down adventure about defeating a bunch of demons and a gigantic dragon.

“There’s virtually no decision-making but a whole lot of killing enemies, watching pretty colors go off on the screen, and having uncomplicated fun,” DT writer Otto Kratky wrote in a Digital Trends piece about the game. “Shadow Warrior 3 is simply a good game, but it accomplishes every task a video game should do quickly and without effort.”

This FPS game won’t bog players down in an extensive live service or present them with a best-in-class narrative. Players just looking for some bombastic shooting fun will find plenty to enjoy with Shadow Warrior 3. The game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and is included in the PlayStation Now subscription service.  

Dawn of the Monsters

Dawn of the Monsters - Combat Deep Dive

Good Godzilla games are few and far between. Fortunately, Dawn of the Monsters lets players experience the massive power fantasy that makes Kaiju so exciting to many people. Developer 13AM Games and publisher WayForward accomplish this feat with a beat ’em up that’s easy to learn and fun to master. It also has a comic book- and manga-inspired art style that’s likely to impress fans of Kaiju. 

“Fans of kaiju, mecha, super robots, Super Sentai, Ultraman, and beat ’em ups in general will find that Dawn of the Monsters isn’t just stomping around for show,” writer DeAngelo Epps said of the game in a Digital Trends article. The game is available for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. Those with a Stadia Pro subscription can currently download that game for free as part of that service. 

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 

Jack Garland closes his fist in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

For most of its runtime, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is one of the most nonsensical games ever. This Final Fantasy prequel follows Jack Garland, the antagonist of that classic RPG, as he goes on a quest to kill Chaos (and he can’t shut up about it). Despite how utterly weird this intense game can get sometimes, the Soulslike gameplay is fun enough, and the story comes together so well that any fan of JRPGs needs to play through it.

That’s why I still highly recommended the game in my three-and-a-half-star review. “It’s the Venom: Let There Be Carnage to Final Fantasy XV’s Spider-Man: No Way Home,” I wrote in that review. “It’s hammy and clunky compared to its much better peers, but is so earnest in its delivery that you can’t help but adore it.”

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is much more than just another Soulslike launching in the shadow of Elden Ring. It’s an action game that’s just as enjoyable as it is meme-worthy and a title you’ll be thinking about long after you beat it. It’s currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The player fights a mechanical dragon spewing flames in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

“Borderlands but fantasy” is a pretty intriguing pitch, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands fully delivers on that premise’s promise. While this is still a loot-driven FPS game, it builds upon the formula that Gearbox’s previous Borderlands games established with new features like fully customizable characters, melee weapons, and magic spells. Its comedic writing is still hit-and-miss because it’s meme-heavy, but Gearbox made the drastic change in setting go smoothly. 

“‘Endearing’ is the best way to describe Wonderlands: It constantly laughs at itself and wants you to smile and laugh along with it, and most of the time, I did,” writer Emily Morrow explained in Digital Trends’ 4-star review of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. “Borderlands fans and tabletop game enthusiasts in particular will find a lot to love here.” 

Those looking for a cooperative shooter to play with friends probably already had their eye on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Thankfully, the game lives up to expectations and should keep its players engaged for quite some time. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

Weird West

Weird West | Developer Play with Commentary

Do you enjoy games that put a lot of emphasis on the player’s choices, like Fallout: New Vegas of Dishonored? If so, Weird West might be the game for you. This immersive sim lets players control five different characters in a supernatural-tinged Western frontier. It truly stands out by giving the player many options to interact with every character, object, event, and decision they come across during their journey. 

“Sure, dark magic, strange cryptids, and a leveling system are interesting in and of themselves, but those are just tools to play around in the open playground that Wolfeye presents,” Andrew Zucosky wrote in a preview last year. “Every conflict scenario in this game can be approached multiple ways and the true joy is finding one or two ways that you have fun doing.”

Those compliments still stick, even if there’s a bit of jank around the edges. Character animations don’t look great upon close inspection, and the combat controls feel better-suited for a mouse and keyboard than a gaming controller. Players who can get over that will find a Western game with a supernatural flair that’s super-reactive to their actions and choices. It’s currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is included in Xbox Game Pass, so those with a subscription should definitely consider checking it out. 

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