Best Games of E3 2010

best games of e3 2010

This is a painful article to write. With each new keystroke, another game jumps back to mind and makes its case to be among the ten measly games featured on our best of list. In all honesty, this could be a top 20 best games of E3, and it would still be hard to exclude some of the titles that debuted.

Below are what we considered to be the best games of E3. We chose the games based on a highly scientific method of selection that involved intense formulas and equations coupled with a super computer running various scenarios that – OK, OK, these are the ones that made us drool like fan boys. The list is extremely subjective, and likely to illicit strong reactions both for and against.

We chose to follow Michael Scott’s KISS method: “keep it simple stupid.” The games we chose were the ones that we talked about the most afterwards, and the ones that made the biggest impression. You might also notice that there are no DS games, PSP games, and we did not list the handheld ports of games. There are a ton of games coming out for the handhelds that look great, but few can really capture the jaw dropping beauty of some of the games listed below. Again, just keeping it simple. As soon as a new demo, or a flashier trailer comes, this list would likely change, but for now, here is our choice for the best games of E3.

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