The best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy today

Do you have a new Nintendo Switch? You'll need to grab these accessories

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The Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage, but some of that is taken up by the console’s operating system. You’re going to use the paltry memory allowance in a hurry with digital games, game saves, and DLC downloads. The good news is that you can expand your Switch’s memory with both MicroSDXC and MicroSDHC memory cards.

The essential thing to remember when it comes to MicroSDXC and MicroSDHC cards is that you want them to be fast. A good yardstick is to make sure cards are Class 10, which ensures high read speeds. This translates to better load speeds when accessing data on the card, including downloaded games. You’ll also want a high-capacity card, although the bigger the card, the more expensive it will be. One last tip: Shop around. Cards are often marked down or on sale at one retailer or another, so you can avoid paying full price.

If you want to learn more about how to pick the right memory card for your Switch, we have a full guide that goes into detail on every important feature. If we had to pick just one card, though, here’s the card we’d recommend.

SanDisk Ulta 128GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card

This SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card will likely be enough for most Switch owners. With class 10 speed from one of the respected manufacturers in storage, you can’t go wrong here. If you think 128GB won’t cut it, opt for SanDisk’s 256GB card instead, which is perfect for those who regularly download AAA games.

Transport and protection

Your Nintendo Switch stays snug and safe inside the dock when at home, but what about when you want to travel with it? You’ll want to invest in a case. A myriad of options have become available since the Switch launched, and the sheer number of choices may make it hard to figure out what’s right for you. We’ve compiled four of our favorite carrying options to make your decision easier.

AmazonBasics Vault Case

You don’t always need to carry around your Nintendo Switch with all of its accessories. Occasionally, all you’ll need is the system itself and a few Joy-Con controllers, and that’s where the AmazonBasics Vault Case comes in handy. The case uses a rugged hard-shell design on the outside which has enough room to hold the console and controllers, and it comes with an extra game storage flap that can hold eight Switch cartridges. Don’t let the exterior make you think it’s unsafe for your Switch inside, either, as it has a foam insert with cutouts specifically for the Joy-Con’s analog sticks and face buttons. If you’re going to be traveling on a bus or plane, there are few more worth options.

RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe System Case

When your Switch needs the protection of the nuclear football, this is the case to grab. It’s a hard-shell briefcase that has organized slips for everything Switch-related. It can house all the necessary Switch components and includes dust-proof cases for both games and microSD cards. This deluxe case works well for those wishing to take their Switch consoles to a friend’s house, or for when you take your Switch through airport security. We love this case, but we also think that if you buy it, consider it a secondary case. Perhaps alongside the PDP case above?

PDP Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack

What, you need even more space to carry around more Switch stuff? Go one size up with PDP’s Switch backpack. The handsome bag offers space for cables, games, and controllers, plus dedicated spots for a full-size pair of headphones and a Switch Pro Controller. If you’re on the go a lot, this Switch backpack is a convenient and safe way to transport your Switch. There’s room to safely put a laptop inside along with all of your Switch needs.

Screen protector

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

how to prep a nintendo switch for gifting screen protector

Notice anything different about the screen? It’s perfectly fitted with amFilm’s tempered glass screen protector, and thanks to the incredibly easy to use kit included, your Switch’s screen can be safe from scratches while retaining its natural appearance. The Switch sadly comes equipped with a plastic screen, meaning that it is prone to scratches. You should purchase a screen protector as soon as possible, and we highly recommend going for the tempered glass option. Plastic screen protectors will accumulate scratches, while the tempered glass remains crisp and clear. Cut perfectly to fit the Switch’s screen, the amFilm screen protector should be the first and only screen protector you look into.


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