The best places to land in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale is a game where every moment and decision makes the difference between an early death and a victory royale. Heading to the wrong area at the wrong time can lead to a swift win or defeat. As such, knowing the right place to land at the right time is key to upping your battle royale game.

Best places to land in Fortnite

To help with deciding where to start out each match, we have the best places to land in Fortnite right now at the time of chapter two, season two. This season saw the launch of five new named locations, changes for some existing locations, and the launch of the new Choppa vehicle.

This changed up the game considerably, including the best places to land. Deciding where to land is difficult, as a number of factors come into play. When deciding which are the best locations at this time, we took into account the number of loot, how many players visit there, its physical location, and general popularity.

Whether you are someone who likes to fight all the time or just hide away until most of the players are already gone, we have a starting location for you so that you can start out on the right foot in each match.

Sweaty Sands

Fortnite Sweaty Sands

There is a wide range of play styles in Fortnite, from avoiding as many players as possible until the end to going in guns blazing. Sweaty Sands is a named location that used to be more of the latter than the former. In the first season of chapter two, it seemed like the biggest contender for the new Tilted Towers, but that changed this season.

It is still pretty popular, but not nearly as much with the launch of five new areas. As such, you can comfortably land here if you don’t like dealing with too many players due to its sheer size and verticality. Throughout this beach city, there are plenty of buildings, complete with lots of chests and loot to find.

The Agency

Fortnite The Agency

When it comes to the new areas in season two, the Agency is the best of the bunch. Placed at the very center of the whole island, it is the center of the action as well. In every match, you can bet that a lot of players will land here. If you are someone who likes being at the center of it all and getting as many eliminations as possible, there is no better place than the Agency.

It also helps that the central location of this spy headquarters is near to just about every circle that pops up, so you will easily be able to get to the next area no matter where it ends up being.

Frenzy Farm

Fortnite Frenzy Farm

Frenzy Farm is a nice mix of quiet nature and action-packed chaos. This quaint farm area is one of the largest named locations on the map, appealing to a wide range of play styles. You can visit here and have enough space to spread out and find loot while not running into too many players.

If you are looking to get some eliminations, the massive mansion in the middle of the farm is full of chests and other players to battle against. With several landmarks like the Orchard and Risky Reels also nearby, there is a lot to love at Frenzy Farm, making it one of the best locations to visit at the start of a match.

The Yacht

Fortnite The Yacht

The Yacht is one of the smallest named locations on the map, but don’t let its size deceive you. This luxury boat is found in the northeastern section of the island, off the coast of the mainland, near Steamy Stacks. The isolated nature of the Yacht isn’t as bad as it seems with the plethora of vehicles nearby, including its own helipad with access to a Choppa.

The boat itself has multiple layers with numerous rooms and locales both inside and out of it. It is also home to one of the few vaults on the island where you can defeat the NPC boss there to gain access to some of the best gear on the entire island.

Misty Meadows

Fortnite Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is one of the hidden gems on the battle royale island that, for some reason, not many players visit. On the southern end of the map, this beautiful town is wide, dense, and split into two significant sections by a bridge. Like Frenzy Farm, there is a lot to see and loot here in this picturesque village. When it comes time to leave, there are plenty of motorboats to find on the large lake next door.

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