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The best upcoming PS4 games

The PlayStation 4’s life cycle is slowly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean players have nothing left to be excited about. In fact, 2020 includes some of the highest-profile releases we’ve ever seen for the console — with titles like Watch Dogs Legion and Cyberpunk 2077 expected to launch over the next several months. If you’re not interested in picking up a PlayStation 5 yet, there are plenty of great current-gen games coming out that will keep you occupied.

Here are the most anticipated PlayStation 4 games scheduled to release in 2020.

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Spelunky 2 (September 15)

Spelunky 2 Multiplayer

The original title was a breakout success when it launched in 2013, and developer Mossmouth is hoping the same will happen later this month with Spelunky 2. The highly anticipated sequel builds on the randomized dungeons from the first, giving players plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

This time around, however, the action is taking place on the Moon as your intrepid explorers search for treasure — and their missing family. The trailers released so far show off a game that is very similar to the original Spelunky, but with much-improved graphics and a lot of new hazards to overcome. As far as challenging roguelikes are concerned, Spelunky 2 should fit the bill perfectly. Despite releasing soon, no pre-orders are currently available for the title.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (October 2)

Taking place after the events of Warped, this game has players once again stepping into the oversized shoes of Crash Bandicoot — and his sister Coco — to thwart the plans of Dr. Neo Cortex. The mad scientist has been meddling with space and time, creating a massive tear that pulls our beloved Bandicoots into the multiverse.

Beyond that wild setup, we don’t know much else about the plot, but that’s never been the forte of Crash games. Instead, they’re all about difficult platforming sequences, something It’s About Time will have in spades. New traps, all-new levels, and new playable characters ensure this will be another stellar entry in the storied franchise. You can even tackle Flashback Levels — incredibly difficult stages that are meant to pay homage to those of the original trilogy.

Crysis Remastered (September 18)

The game that melted GPUs around the world is back, this time more beautiful than ever before. Somehow, the team at Crytek has optimized the title to run on PlayStation 4 without overheating the console — an incredible feat given how demanding the title was in 2007.

Crysis is an FPS that follows Jake “Nomad” Dunn, a soldier who wears a futuristic suit that enhances his physical attributes. Run fast, jump high, and decimate your enemies with powerful guns and abilities. If you were like most people and didn’t own a supercomputer in 2007, this is the ideal way to experience the classic title. Like Spelunky, no pre-order info is available.

Watch Dogs Legion (October 29)

watch dogs legion

The dystopian adventure continues next month, as Watch Dogs Legion is finally scheduled to hit store shelves in October. After seeing a bit of a delay, PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to roam the dark streets of London, recruiting anyone they encounter to DedSec — a group of hackers dedicated to taking down the authoritarian state.

Gameplay so far has us intrigued, as Ubisoft has shown that you truly can take control of any civilian you encounter. Each character will have their own set of stats and abilities, meaning you’ll have plenty of freedom to form a crew that works with your playstyle. Here’s hoping it plays as great as it sounds.

Cyberpunk 2077 (November 19)

Cyberpunk 2077 review

Explore the dystopian Night City as the rogue mercenary V. Developed by the same folks as the popular Witcher games, Cyberpunk 2077 will include a tightly knit narrative, mature themes, and a massive open world to explore.

The game takes place exclusively in first-person, a decision that CD Projekt Red hopes will keep players grounded in the gritty world around them. So long as it doesn’t fall prey to another delay, we don’t have much longer to wait before we can cruise around Night City.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Holiday 2020)

Ubisoft continues to take its wild Assassin’s Creed series in bold new directions. This time around, action-RPG elements look to be the focus, as players will take on the role of the powerful Viking, Eivor. Vikings aren’t exactly known for being sneaky, but Valhalla still promised to have a strong dose of stealth action, too.

Early trailers have shown off a bit of naval combat, brutal action sequences, and tricky stealth sequences, and we’re curious to see how all these disparate elements are woven together in the final product. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was a bonafide hit, and hopes are high that Valhalla will continue the upward trend.

Outriders (Holiday 2020)

Created by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix, Outriders is a unique blend of the FPS and RPG genres. You’ll create your own character, pick one of four classes — each with their own abilities — then adventure forth into the extraterrestrial world of Enoch. Along the way, you can upgrade your weapons, unlock new skills, and unravel a story that is still tightly under wraps.

People Can Fly has worked on impressive games before, including Gears of War 3 and Bulletstorm. It’s a studio that knows how to create brutal, fast-paced action games, and it’s exciting to see the team working on a brand-new IP. As one of the few games built around co-op, including a convenient drop-in/drop-out system, Outriders is bound to be a popular title this holiday season.


Rainbow Six Quarantine

Taking the strategic gameplay seen in Rainbow Six Siege and adapting it for a more cooperative experience is the primary goal of Rainbow Six Quarantine. If you had a chance to play the limited-time Outbreak mode in Siege, you have a bit of an idea as to what you can expect.

Instead of tense 5v5 shootouts, the action plays out as a three-person co-op shooter. You’ll face off against enemies that have been infected with an unknown parasite as you try to clear each level and reach your goal. Quarantine is not yet available for pre-order, but you can find out more information about the game on its official website.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Another open world adventure from the developers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Immortals: Fenyx Rising boasts some of the most unique graphics on the market. The world looks fantastic — thanks to a vibrant, oil painting aesthetic — and offers a bustling natural landscape to explore.

Previously titled Gods & Monsters, players will battle mythical beasts using powers bestowed upon them by the gods of Olympus. Typhon, known as one of the deadliest monsters in all Greek mythology, has taken over the throne, and it’s up to the player to set things right. A price has not yet been set for Gods & Monsters, but more info is available on its website.

Elden Ring

A collaboration between FromSoftware (developer of the Dark Souls series) and George R.R. Martin (creator of the Game of Thrones series), Elden Ring is gearing up to be a dark, complex, open-world role-playing game (RPG).

Sadly, that’s about all we know. The much-anticipated game has been tightly under wraps since being announced in 2019, and we are yet to see any gameplay footage. Hopefully, we get to see the game in action soon. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one got pushed back to the holiday season.

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