The best video game sneakers

From Nintendo to PlayStation, these are the best gaming kicks around

Movie enthusiasts might dream of wearing Marty McFly’s sneakers, a wish almost granted a few years ago with the Nike Air Mag, but those who enjoy gaming might be surprised by the selection of products available that will help them feel nostalgic on the go as they sport odes to their most treasured consoles or video games.

While you can’t wear Sonic’s pointy red shoes just yet, companies like Nintendo and PlayStation have released their own official footwear, and we’ve also found limited (but legendary) runs that are sold for thousands of dollars.

Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway

We kick off the list with one of the most recent models available that brings the design of the classic PlayStation One and turns it into a sizable sneaker made through a collaboration between Nike Basketball and NBA star Paul George. Boasting a delicate grey design, you can find small PlayStation tributes all over them, with a power button located under the tongue, the classic PS logo, and a pattern of the gamepad symbols along the sides. Whether or not you’re a basketball fan, the sneakers also carry not only the logo but the name of the NBA player on them as well.

As a final touch, there are vibrant blue LEDs for the PG and PS buttons, along with an additional one hidden under the tongue. This model is an evolution of George’s PG1 that introduced the design, and a more classic take than the PG2, which had a similar focus on PlayStation but in a different color. If you’re interested in a pair for yourself, this exact same model goes for $90, or you can purchase the new blue variant for $110, both available on the official online store.

Puma RS-0 Sega Collection

Puma RS-0

You might not be able to wear a replica of Sonic’s signature red shoes, but the Puma X Sega RS-o Sonic try to imitate the character’s fur on the textured blue suede. There’s also a clear inspiration taken from the game’s gold rings present on the lace ends, and the heel serves as a nod to the classic Green Hill Zone, the game’s iconic first set of levels. The outsole has a translucent red rubber detail, and there are micro ventilation perforations for those who want to attempt to run as fast as the blue hedgehog.

The other model has a similar design, but it’s influenced by Dr. Eggman and his Eggmobile, with pebbled leather in a vibrant mix of red and blue.

Sadly, Puma’s online store is out of stock of both the Puma X Sega RS-o Sonic and Puma X Sega RS-o Dr. Eggman, despite the fact that they were released only a few months back so you might have to rely on resellers for these sneakers. The retail price for these video game sneakers is $130 for each.

Nintendo x Vans Collection

Two years ago, Nintendo surprised us with an extensive collaboration of clothing with the help of Vans, focused not only on footwear but on shirts and accessories as well. These include models inspired by some of the company’s most iconic IPs to date: Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, and Legend of Zelda, as well as Nintendo’s first console, the NES.

The first set carry the Authentic silhouette of the brand with an 8-bit pattern of Super Mario Bros. all over the surface, featuring not only the character but also power-ups and a number of Goomba. Mario’s princess, Princess Peach, also received the footwear treatment with a bright, pink design that has a repeated pattern of the character along with a star.

For those who loved Duck Hunt back in the day, Vans released a digi-camo backdrop with a cameo of the hunting dog and its prey. Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda are probably the most relatable video game sneakers of the collection, featuring an homage to the first level along with a nod to the classic “it’s dangerous to go alone! takes this” scene in Link’s journey.

Lastly, along with backpacks, bags, socks, and hats, they also released an exclusive line for kids, featuring Mario Kart and Super Mario with Authentic, Classic Slip-on, and Sk8-Hi Zip models.

The Nintendo X Vans Collection also seems to be out of stock, but the Authentic for adults used to be around $65, while the kids’ line of sneakers were $42 a pair.

Jordan “GAME BOY” IV – TETRIS Edition

While these video game sneakers might be recent and with limited but available stock, there’s a fair chance that not many people will be able to afford or dare to purchase them all together. Brought to you by Freaker Sneaks, this model costs $1,350, and it belongs to their GAME BOY series, this time featuring TETRIS.

The sneakers are composed by the Air Jordan IV, carrying only a handful of details, the most notable being a cartridge hanging on the side. These are so exclusive that only 10 pairs are made per model, with each box numbered, and as it’s explained on the site “This custom is made using a retro base and has to be purchased at resell prices”.

The only way to purchase it is through their online store using PayPal, just in case you’re looking to spend almost $1400 on a new pair of sneakers. Past series from the store also offered the Jordan NES IV – Legend of Zelda, Jordan US Super Nintendo – NBA Jam, and Super Nintendo editions, with prices ranging from $950 to $1250. Yikes.

As a disclaimer, we used the same picture that is available on the site from the Super Mario Land version, and in their words, this current model is “exactly the same”, with the only difference being the tongue labels featuring TETRIS.

Assassin’s Creed X Supra Collection

Back in 2016, right when the cinema take on the Assassin’s Creed series was about to arrive in theaters, SUPRA Footwear introduced three different models (covering the silhouettes Skytop III, Scissor, and Stacks II) featuring designs inspired by Ezio Auditore (the main character in AC II, Brotherhood, and Revelations) and the hidden blade, the game’s emblematic weapon.

These are, surprise, out of stock as well. But they actually did a decent rendition, mixing red, gray and a soft black to match Ezio’s robes from the video game trilogy. If you want to see them on the go, there’s a rather curious ad from when they were released.

Globe Halo Liberty

Xbox also did a collaboration with Globe to celebrate the release of Halo 4 and the franchise’s 10th anniversary. Ditching the sporty vibe seen in the rest of the list, these sneakers look like Master Chief armor for your feet. Yet again, this was part of a limited run and is no longer in stock. Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t seem too invested in releasing more collaborations in the future.

The most recent models were a pair of exclusive Xbox Air Jordans, carrying the logo on the inside that also glows in the dark. These were worn by Xbox representatives at E3 2018, but there’s no information whatsoever on when, or whether, they’ll be available for sale. Sorry, Xbox fans!

Nike 99 Club Jordans – Madden 20

This is a new collaboration from Nike, involving EA’s Madden 20 and three real life players representing one specific model. The 99 Club series is formed by the Khalil Mack, Bobby Wagner, and Aaron Donald selections, each carrying golden details all around.

It’s by far one of the most streamlined collaborations in this list, but there’s a lot to say about Bobby Wagner’s flashy and glowing pattern, which you can see in action here.

At the moment there are no details regarding a public sale of this 99 Club group, although it seems like they will be available inside the game as well.

(Un)Honorable mention: Saints Row The Third x Heyday Super Shift

This might be a fine example of why exact replicas of video game sneakers are better off staying in the virtual realm. Back in 2011, the actual footwear from the world of Saints Row The Third managed to get a physical form thanks to Heyday, but it’s easy to tell these weren’t suited for everyone.

They used to retail for $160, and there were even follow-ups to this model, each representing a major gang from the game. In case you’re wondering, these aren’t in stock anymore, but it’s safe to assume that some people might still be trying to sell them to someone online, in case you want to defy fashion in many different ways simultaneously.

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