Upcoming mystery trailer likely heralds new Skyrim DLC

Bethesda Skyrim teaser image

Moments ago a message appeared on Bethesda Softworks’ Twitter account. It reads simply, “Full Trailer on 11/5” and offers the image you see embedded above. That’s not much information to go on, but Skyrim fans are dogged when it comes to the pursuit of new information on their favorite game, and the online consensus seems to suggest that this trailer will be an official announcement of the upcoming Dragonborn downloadable content pack.

If that name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, you should take a look at this article we published a few weeks ago which details a treasure trove of goodies discovered by fans in the source code of the latest Skyrim patch. According to these findings, the Dragonborn DLC will include a host of new features. Most prominently the update will offer players the ability to cast spells while riding horses, and the chance to travel the vast expanses of Tamriel on the back of a dragon. Further, the DLC will supposedly allow players to explore the Solstheim region, an island off the coast of Morrowind (which served as the setting for the aptly named The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind).

Now keep in mind that none of these features have been confirmed by Bethesda. When these elements were discovered in Skyrim’s source code, the company refused to offer any sort of comment either confirming or denying the existence of this Dragonborn DLC. That said, given today’s vague teaser, we have to assume it’s related to this DLC if only because we have no other leads to go on.

We’ve attempted to contact both Bethesda Softworks and its parent company ZeniMax Media and both firms offered a polite, succinct “no comment.” That’s not terribly surprising given the apparent joy these companies feel at keeping their fans guessing as to what they might do next. It seems that we’ll simply have to wait until Monday, November 5 to find out what Bethesda has planned. Try not to let the anticipation interfere with your otherwise dreary, overcast weekend plans.