Beware! Fake EA Instagram baits its phishing hook with FIFA 14 exclusives

beware fake ea instagram baits phishing hook fifa 14 exclusives phish

The noble white hats over at Malwarebytes have caught on to a new scam wherein a fake EA Sports Instagram account lures hapless World Cup fans into giving up their Xbox and Origin log-in credentials with the promise of an exclusive character in FIFA 14. The fake account utilizes Instagram hashtags to direct football fans to a link that lands at a fake support page, promising exclusive characters like Brazilian forward Neymar. The account has nearly 9,000 followers and its posts frequently garner 400+ likes, so there is apparently no shortage of willing marks.

Malwarebytes previously picked up on a similar phishing scam on Twitter where a fake EA support account would insert itself into conversations, diverting gamers into a new conversation and similarly bringing them to a false log-in page. Although it should be obvious at this point, it always bears repeating that you should carefully examine the credentials of any sites or online entities asking for sensitive information.