Beyond Good and Evil returns in HD

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When Beyond Good and Evil was originally released in 2003, it received critical praise, which soon led to several awards. It was mostly heralded by critics for its fresh and original take on the RPG genre, and won praise as one of the best adventure games in years. All of which makes for an impressive blurb on the cover of the game, but did not equate to sales.

When the game was released on the PS2, Xbox, PC, and Gamecube, it was intended to be part one of a trilogy. A long gestating sequel is still said to be in development, but due to low sales of the original, it has not seemed to be much of a priority. As the years passed, Beyond Good and Evil gained a small cult following, probably due to the various “best of” lists that it continually appeared on.

Now gamers that missed it the first time around, or fans that want to replay the game in HD will have their chance when Beyond Good and Evil returns, with a fresh new look. No price or release date have been given (other than 2011), but it will be available on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.