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Titanfall’s free Frontier Defense update adds a four-player cooperative mode

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Respawn Entertainment has announced the eighth update for Titanfall, which adds more content than any previous patch, including a brand new cooperative multiplayer mode.

In Frontier Defense, you join up to three other players in defending an objective against increasingly difficult waves of AI opponents. You’re able to supplement your own firepower by earning and placing stationary turrets around the battlefield (much like Gears of War’s Horde Mode). New Loadout Crates near your objective let you swap loadouts on the fly while reloading ammo and ordnance so that you can utilize your entire arsenal in the defensive efforts. You’re defending against both familiar enemies and new foes, such as Suicide Spectres and melee-resistant Arc Titans.

Frontier Defense matches can be played on all of the maps from Titanfall‘s original release as well as all subsequent DLC expansions. High scores and the chance to earn up to three Map Stars for a strong performance are meant to keep players coming back for more.

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The update also includes a host of other content for the game’s extant features. The Black Market is getting new Titan OS voices, like the aggressive Sid and friendly Vanessa. You will also be able to circumvent challenges by buying Forged Certificates, which let you skip all five tiers of a given challenge.

Seven new Titan insignias are available, including two from Frontier Defense and five for Map Stars. Each map has three stars that can be obtained by hitting certain score thresholds in its primary game mode. There are 504 stars out there to earn, and new insignias when you total 30 stars for a given gameplay mode.

More featured game modes are on the way. These include Deadly Ground on November 5, where the classic childhood game of avoiding the floor’s lava is interpreted as a deadly, electrified fog which blankets the ground and forces you to play vertically. Also coming is Marked for Death Pro, on November 26; Respawn offers no details on how this variant to Titanfall‘s take on VIP works, beyond suggesting that it splits the team-based mode into multiple rounds.

Various other tweaks to UI, graphic settings, new achievements, Black Market price adjustments, and so on are also included with the update, which you can learn about on the developer’s blog.

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