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The Binding of Isaac adds 'over 100 hours' of gameplay in new DLC

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A sizable expansion for Edmund McMillen’s The Legend of Zelda-inspired roguelike action game The Binding of Isaac is now available on Steam, adding more than 100 hours of potential gameplay to its already expansive quest.

The “Afterbirth” DLC for The Binding of Isaac adds the all-new Greed gameplay mode, which challenges players to survive waves of enemies for as long as possible. Players engage Greed mode by pushing a large button located at the center of an arena, and exponential cash bonuses are rewarded for every wave that players survive before ending the mode by pressing the button a second time.

Greed mode introduces a new risk-versus-reward element to The Binding of Isaac, forcing players to consider whether they can survive an onslaught of enemies using their current equipment. Cash rewards earned from Greed arenas can be used in shops to purchase new items and upgrades, giving players an incentive to survive Greed mode for as long as possible.

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The Binding of Isaac‘s Afterbirth DLC also introduces a new final area and end boss for the core campaign, providing a new level of difficulty for veteran players. Other new features include a “Daily Run” option that pits players against pre-seeded level layouts that change every 24 hours and online leaderboards that track top scores and times.

Players returning to the world of The Binding of Isaac will additionally find 120 new items that can suddenly change the course of any given playthrough. Afterbirth also promises more than 1,000 new room designs, mixing up the game’s approach to randomly generated levels.

An overhauled weapon combo system is also on tap for returning players, along with a collection of new challenges, achievements, and character transformations.

While The Binding of Isaac‘s Afterbirth DLC is currently exclusive to PCs, creator McMillen notes that a PlayStation 4 edition was shown off at PAX, and expects that a console release “cant be too far off.”

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