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Players get an early look at 'BioShock: The Collection' with comparison trailer

Publisher 2K has released a comparison trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter compilation BioShock: The Collection, highlighting the soon-to-be reissued trilogy’s boost in visual fidelity.

The trailer showcases the opening moments from the original BioShock, giving players an early look at a remastered Rapture while teasing similar improvements for sequels BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite.

Announced earlier this year, BioShock: The Collection is a digital and retail compilation of 2K’s classic BioShock trilogy. The three games will be bundled with all previously issued DLC, including BioShock 2‘s acclaimed expansion Minerva’s Den and both entries in BioShock Infinite‘s episodic alternate-universe series Burial at Sea.

BioShock 2‘s multiplayer campaign appears to be missing in action, as BioShock: The Collection specifically limits its bundled bonuses to “all single-player add-on content.” DLC such as the original BioShock‘s Challenge Rooms and add-on weapons will make the jump to BioShock: The Collection, however.

All three games will feature 1080p resolutions with frame rates “up to” and “targeting” 60 frames-per-second, suggesting that the trilogy won’t necessarily see consistent performance on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. All three games will also include redrawn art assets and textures from collaborative studio Blind Squirrel Games, in order to suit the advertised bump in resolution.

The original BioShock is a particular point of focus for BioShock: The Collection, as 2K revealed that the remastered version will include a new Museum of Orphaned Concepts area featuring prototype and abandoned ideas for the game. Players can also seek out golden film reels hidden throughout the remastered edition of BioShock that will unlock interviews with creative director Ken Levine and lead animator Shawn Robertson. Excerpts from the interview series will later be available via 2K’s YouTube channel.

BioShock: The Collection hits the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs on September 13.

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