The best Black Friday Nintendo Switch accessory deals

Stock up on Switch accessories this week with these awesome Black Friday deals

Nintendo isn’t known for offering the best of deals on Black Friday, but it’s still possible to find some great gear to complement the Nintendo Switch at discounted prices. As a hybrid home/portable platform with multiple controller options, there are a fair number of useful accessories that all Switch owners should consider buying. Whether that be an extra gamepad, a carrying case, or a spare charger, we’ve compiled the best Nintendo Switch accessory deals for Black Friday.

PowerA wired controllers

black friday nintendo switch accessory deals powera controller

If you want to play the Nintendo Switch with a traditional controller, you have to buy one separately. Nintendo has an expensive option in the Pro controller ($70). Thankfully, there are tons of third-party controllers available for much less. One of the more ubiquitous third-party Switch controllers is made by PowerA. On Black Friday, the PowerA wired controller will be $15 at Best Buy, which represents a 10 buck discount.

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The cool thing about PowerA controllers is that they come in different colors and themes. You can even get a Super Mario or Zelda-themed controller. Since these controllers are wired, you can only use them in docked mode.

Best Buy

microSD cards

black friday nintendo switch accessory deals 64gb sd

The Switch comes with 32GB of onboard storage, but that will quickly run out if you download games with any frequency. Sooner or later, you’ll need a microSD card to expand your storage space. The Switch supports both microSDHC and microSDXC cards up to 2TB, but the largest available cards today top out at 512GB.


black friday nintendo switch accessory deals astro headset

While the Switch doesn’t have a robust online service, the game audio always sounds better through headphones. Best Buy has the Breath of the Wild-themed Astro headset on sale for $42, a 40 percent savings. That’s a great headset at a really good price.

Best Buy


black friday nintendo switch accessory deals pdp starter kit

Best Buy has numerous Nintendo Switch carrying cases on sale for 40 percent off on Black Friday.


black friday nintendo switch accessory deals charging kit

The Switch comes with one AC charging cord, but if you travel a lot, you probably don’t want to keep unplugging it from your entertainment setup. It’s always nice to have a spare AC charging option and/or a car charger. You also may want a charging station for Joy-Con, especially if you have more than the two that come with the console. Joy-Con controllers charge when connected to Switch in docked mode. But if you have four Joy-Con, this becomes a hassle.

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