‘Black Ops 2’ DLC ‘Vengeance’ adds multiplayer maps, more zombies, and a Ray Gun

Call of Duty Vengeance DLC

The next downloadable content expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is called Vengeance and it will be available for Xbox 360 consoles on July 2, 2013, Activision and Treyarch announced today. As with past Call of Duty DLC, other platforms will follow at an undisclosed date. The expansion features four new maps, including a remake of fan favorite Black Ops map Summit called Uplink – similar to the previous pack’s “Studio” map, which was a stand-in for Black Ops‘ “Firing Range” – and one new Zombies experience.

The new multiplayer maps are Cove, a deserted tropical island, Detour, a destroyed suspension bridge, Rush, an abandoned paintball course, and Uplink, which brings the layout of Summit to the jungles of Myanmar. They range from small, close-quarters environments to larger ones, spanning multiple levels. The new Zombies level, titled Buried,  features “the undead residents of an abandoned subterranean Old West mining town [that] have come back to claim their home.” Fans can expect to meet new and old characters here, plus a powerful new Ray Gun Mark II weapon that will also appear in other Zombies maps when Vengeance is purchased.

“When it’s difficult to see the line between playtesting and leisurely gaming around the studio, it’s a sure sign that we’ve created something fun with Vengeance,” Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia said in the announcement. Vengeance is the third DLC pack for Black Ops 2, following Revolution and Uprising. Four content drops are promised in all as part of the game’s year-long DLC season.