Blake Griffin wants to be in RAGE, and here’s how he’ll do it

blake griffin wants to be in rage and heres how he will do itLos Angeles Clippers’ star rookie, Blake Griffin, really wants into the game RAGE. Sure, the video below, in which he tries new and various ways to attract the attention of RAGE’s developer id is staged, but sometimes in the pursuit of a funny viral video you must be prepared to accept a certain amount of willing suspension of disbelief. So with that in mind, it’s funny how Griffin wants into the game, what with the tiger and suction cups and all.

There’s also probably a few jokes to be had about how he may be looking for work because the Clippers are terrible and might go out of business, or perhaps something a little more highbrow, like in the post-apocalyptic future of RAGE, the team might actually have a chance to make it to the playoffs after the competition has been killed and eaten by cannibals. Perhaps “highbrow” is the wrong word.

Anyway, the video in question, which you can see below, quickly became a hit. As a quick follow-up, id and publisher Bethesda released a new video on the making-of the original clip.

Check out both clips below, and check out RAGE on September 13 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 to see if Griffin made the cut.

The Original

The Making of