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Blizzard celebrates 20 years of ‘Diablo’; cross-franchise event starts December 31

Diablo 3
Twenty years ago, Diablo the Lord of Terror first brought his unique brand of evil to the world of Sanctuary, and today in celebration of nearly a quarter century of his reign, he’s invading a few other worlds as well. Blizzard announced today that Diablo-themed goodies will be up for grabs in its other popular franchises, starting on December 31.

“Starting soon you can experience special in-game events and goodies in Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft to celebrate a few of the things we love about Diablo,” reads the post from Blizzard Entertainment.

Make sure you have your games updated and ready to go, the in-game items and events will only be available for a limited time, though Blizzard didn’t quite specify how limited.

True to form, Blizzard remained coy about some of the details of its cross-franchise Diablo event, and only laid out the specifics for a handful of its franchises. StarCraft II players, for instance, can expect to find a Diablo-themed worker portrait, but apparently nothing else.

Similarly, Overwatch will see some Diablo-themed in-game sprays, and a new player icon. Heroes of the Storm players, on the other hand, will be treated to a new brawl map, and a new player portrait, while Hearthstone players will be able to face off against a hooded stranger with a mysterious new deck.

World of Warcraft will also see some new events, although Blizzard only offered a cryptic clue, suggesting that certain denizens of Sanctuary will cross over into Azeroth for a short time.

What about Diablo III? Well, as we reported previously, Diablo III players will be able to re-play the original Diablo game, and revisit the classic cathedral dungeon in the Darkening of Tristram event.

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