Blizzard, Naughty Dog Vets Open New Studio

Though it’s been around since last August at the latest, new developer Ready at Dawn Studios decided to announce its existence today. Founded by three veterans of Naughty Dog and BlizzardEntertainment, Ready at Dawn has an unannounced console project in the works to debut some time in the near future.

The developer’s three founders are Didier Malenfant, former senior programmer for Naughty Dog, fomer Blizzard senior software engineer Andrea Pessino, and former Blizzard senior artist Ru Weerasuriya. The three have worked on games dating back to Crash Team Racing and Diablo II over a combined 35 years of development experience.

“The interest we’ve already generated in the industry has been incredible,” said Pessino, “and goes to show that, at the end of the day, it’s still about the individuals behind the games and their ability to deliver and turn solid concepts into successful titles.”

Ready at Dawn is seeking other development staff to fill out its roster, so check for further details.