Blu-ray For Xbox? No.

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedYou might recall that Microsoft had thrown in its lot with Toshiba and the HD DVD revolution, selling add-on boxes forits Xbox 360 console.   That revolution ended far short of the palace gates, with HD DVD vanishing like snow in the sun, and the general expectation has beenthat Microsoft would begin to offer a Blu-ray add-on, given that Blu-ray has emerged as the winner in the HD wars.   But in a Reuters interview, AaronGreenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, has firmly denied that Microsoft has any plans to delve into Blu-ray. Instead, the company was diving into digital downloads as the way to distributecontent, including HD downloads.   "Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xboxexperience. We’re the only console offering digital distribution of entertainment content."   Some consumers will have noticed that Xboxes have been out of stock lately, due to productionproblems, but Greenberg promised everything would be back to normal by April. Handily, that will be just in time for the release of the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 4, with the Xbox versionboasting exclusive content.