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BoxBox talks streaming ‘League of Legends’ full-time at TwitchCon 2018

Many young video game fans have dreams of streaming their gameplay as a full-time job, and Twitch League of Legends personality Albert “BoxBox” Zheng is one of the few who has been able to make that a reality.

BoxBox began focusing on streaming right after he finished high school, having previously tried his hand at competitive League of Legends play with the team Velocity eSports. Despite starting off with a relatively small audience, the thrill of playing games in front of viewers had him hooked.

League of Legends is BoxBox’s primary game and viewers can tune in to his channel to watch him lay down the smack on his enemies multiple times a week. However, he also plays other games such as Soulcalibur VI and also broadcasts “IRL” videos showing different parts of his life.

BoxBox found success very early on in his career — so early, in fact, that this is the first time he was able to attend parties at TwitchCon.

“I finally turned 21 since the last time I was at TwitchCon,” BoxBox told Digital Trends. “So finally I can go to parties.”

The drinking scene might not be for BoxBox, however, who admitted he tried drinking, didn’t enjoy it, and instead went to an arcade after the day was over.

Partying is not for everyone, but BoxBox has certainly made a name for himself both in the League of Legends community and on Twitch. And if his idea of partying is to go to an arcade, we’re sure plenty of viewers would be willing to tag along and see if they could beat him. Just don’t sit down with him at a PC and think you’re going to win in a League of Legends match because you most certainly will not.

For those who don’t watch content on Twitch, you can also find BoxBox on his very popular YouTube channel. This channel features much shorter videos, so you can see his highlights without having to sit through an entire stream. He has a Facebook page and Twitter page, as well, an Instagram that features travel and cosplay images.

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