John Malkovich is a zombie-shooting janitor in the latest Call of Duty DLC trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s first downloadable content add-0n, Havoc, arrives on January 27, and it brings undead hordes back to the Duty-verse following a hiatus in 2013’s Ghosts. We’ve gotten a few, brief tastes of what’s to come thus far, but this latest trailer serves up enough gameplay to confirm one thing: The zombies you remember from Treyarch’s Black Ops games (plus World at War) are… err… un-alive and well.

Eagle-eyed fans should take a slow stroll through the trailer and keep a watch out for a bunch of familiar elements from past zombie survival mode appearances in Call of Duty. There’s a futuristic take on the Mystery Box, which lets you spend points on one, randomly selected weapon; traps; hellhounds; and special “boss” zombies. We can only hope that Pack-a-Punch weapon upgrades and elaborate easter egg-y storylines make a return as well.

On top of that, Exo Zombies introduces the expanded range of movement that features into Advanced Warfare‘s campaign and multiplayer modes, compliments of Exo Suits. The four, playable protagonists — who are brought to life here with help from John Malkovich, Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton, and Jon Bernthal — get the suits, but so do the zombies. The walking dead don’t shamble in Exo Zombies; they leap, clamber, and flat-out run in their endless pursuit of delicious brain meat.

In addition to Exo Zombies, the Havoc DLC pack also adds in four new multiplayer maps — Core, Drift, Sideshow, and Urban — as well as a couple of new weapons. It’s out for Xbox 360 and Xbox One on January 27, with PlayStation family and Windows releases to follow at a later, unconfirmed date.