Call of Duty: Black Ops releases launch trailer

call of duty black ops releases launch trailer screen

You may have heard of this game called Black Ops. If not, please inform Activision immediately so they can find out why their advertising people failed before having them put to death, possibly by feeding them to sharks with lasers on their heads- they can afford it. Call of Duty: Black Ops arrives next week with the subtlety of a brick through the window, but if for some odd reason you are a fan of the series and did not know that the game is out next week, below is the official launch trailer. Behold Black Ops in all its Cold War-y goodness!

In the trailer, Treyarch states that Black Ops is “The Biggest Game of the Year”, and that is probably not an exaggeration. Early reports have the pre-orders for the game on pace to set records that the previous Call of Duty set, so if you haven’t already ordered your copy and you want it on launch day, you should consider doing so now.

As for the trailer, what would a Vietnam era shooter be without the Rolling Stones’ “Gimmie Shelter” playing? Check it out below, and be ready to relive the Cold War with a bunch of ‘splosions on November 9.

Warning:  The trailer may not be suitable for all ages.