Call of Duty: Black Ops releases new campaign trailer

call of duty black ops releases new campaign trailer screenshot snow attack knife cut

By now you probably know about many of the new bells and whistles coming with the multiplayer side of Black Ops- including the wager mode and the customization features- but Treyarch has released a new trailer to make sure that you do not forget about the campaign either.

Set in during the Cold War in various global hot spots, including SE Asia and the Urals Mountains, Black Ops tells the secret history of the battles that took the world to the brink of war while protecting the general population from all out war.  You play a member of a Black Ops team (naturally), through the 1960s.

The last few Call of Duty campaigns have received criticism for the length, but they all were well crafted, albeit short. We’ll have to wait until November 9 when Call of Duty: Black Ops is released on all systems to know for sure if that changes or not, but judging by the trailer below, the campaign is going to rock.

Warning:  The trailer may not be suitable for all ages.