Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer details online customization

call of duty black ops trailer details online customization credit

In the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops, you will be able to pimp yo character with the credits you earn by playing multiplayer games. The credit system will play a huge role in Black Ops, and paired with the experience points that you earn, it changes the way that the online experience will unfold.

As you progress through online matches in Black Ops, you earn both experience points and credits for each match. The experience points will go towards leveling you up, and as you reach new levels, you unlock new options- in this, it is the same as the current Call of Duty games. The credits are where things get interesting. Say you unlock a new weapon. In the current Call of Duty games, you earn different camos for that weapons for achieving goals- specifically headshots. In Black Ops, you will be able to purchase the specific camo you want through the credits you have earned. You will also be able to unlock somewhat cosmetic features like face paint and different target reticules, but the credits can also be used on more important features, such as choosing which killstreaks you unlock, or selecting which perk you want to equip.

There are multiple options in each category, and you pick and choose what you want to unlock with your credits. Credits can be earned simply by playing, but Black Ops will also feature a wager mode, which will allow you to bet your credits in a series of free-for-all game modes that award the top three finishers. Since some of the progression through the game will be regulated by these credits, expect the wager modes to play a significant role in the online experience. Plus they just look very cool.

Check out the trailer below and be ready to place your bets on November 9, when Call of Duty: Black Ops is released.