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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: How to get A Crappy Way To Die trophy or achievement

If there is one utterly inescapable thing about life, it’s that when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. That applies to soldiers as well, of course, as is the case with one unfortunate fellow in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. In order to obtain the “A Crappy Way to Die” trophy or achievement, you’ll need to shoot a hidden enemy that just so happens to be doing their business in a port-a-potty during a deadly shootout in the latter half of the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you in which chapter you can find the port-a-potty so that you can shoot the soldier inside and get the trophy or achievement.

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How to get A Crappy Way To Die trophy or achievement

The “A Crappy Way to Die” trophy or achievement is located in Chapter 12: Dark Water, and it requires you to shoot and kill an enemy within a port-a-potty. Luckily, you won’t have to progress too far into the level to reach the port-a-potty housing our predisposed victim, as it’s located very close to the beginning.

When the mission opens, head forward and through a door a bit to the left, then follow the path through here killing the first couple of enemies you encounter. Directly after this, you’ll link back up with your squad and begin slowly ascending some stairs. When you’re nearly at the top, look to the right across the gap to see two blue port-a-potties.

two blue porta-potties on an oil rig in the rain

Aim and fire into the port-a-potty on the left to kill the soldier inside. If you don’t do it fast enough, your team will kill him and you’ll miss out on the opportunity. When the pooping soldier is dead, you’ll earn the “A Crappy Way to Die” trophy or achievement. Yikes – as if he wasn’t regretting those chalupas enough already.

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