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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bug lets cheaters attack from under Shoot House map

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have reported a game-breaking bug in the Shoot House map that allows cheaters to hide underneath it, making them completely invulnerable while taking down other players one by one.

Developer Infinity Ward added Shoot House to Modern Warfare last month as a fast-paced, 6-on-6 multiplayer map. It features the traditional three-lane design that encourages frequent engagements with opponents.

The map, however, currently contains a bug that makes it difficult for legitimate players to enjoy it.

The bug has been reported in various online forums such as Reddit, on which a user who goes by the name VotixG uploaded a video on the official Modern Warfare sub-Reddit. The short clip reveals VotixG running through a section of Shoot House, and then suddenly getting killed by an unseen opponent.

The final killcam reveals the culprit —  a level 155 player who was shooting from underneath the Shoot House map. His position makes him completely invulnerable, allowing the cheater to simply wait for his opponents to pass by and leisurely take them down.

The final scoreboard of the match showed that the cheater killed 49 players, most of which, if not all, were made from underneath the map. There is also speculation that the cheater was able to progress to level 155 mostly on exploiting the Shoot House bug.

It remains unclear if Infinity Ward is already aware of the bug, and if it is currently already working on a patch for the exploit. With the boost being provided to VotixG’s post, the developer should see it sooner rather than later, if it has not already done so.

The bug is one of the few negative points of Modern Warfare, which features a gritty campaign and an addictive multiplayer mode. The shooter, however, is reportedly set to add a battle royale option soon, as a data miner discovered files related to such a mode in the game’s files.

The battle royale map for Modern Warfare is said to be made up of several maps, including Shoot House, to accommodate up to 200 players in a last man standing match. It remains unclear when and how the mode will be added to the game.

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