Call of Duty: Police Warfare isn’t real, but we wish it was

call of duty police warfare isnt real but we wish it wasEven though there’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the Call of Duty: Police Warfare trailer that’s been making the rounds, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the real deal — after all, it looks legit, has a pretty decent narrator, and even features a bunch of concept art. And hey, the concept seems plausible enough, right?

Posted by YouTube user swedishtaco85, the trailer for Call of Duty: Police Warfare promises a new installment of the record-breaking franchise that takes a more local approach to stopping bad guys by putting you in control of the Los Angeles Police Department’s S.W.A.T. team. Your mission? Stop a bunch of masked bank robbers using a variety of techniques, including the normal running, ducking, and shooting, but also a bit of rappelling and other strategic maneuvers. The game promises to let you play as the bad guys, too — which seems like a fun option.

The makers of the trailer didn’t stop there, though, and pushed the envelope even further by framing the game as an upcoming downloadable title for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, powered by the Infinity Ward engine found underneath the hood of Modern Warfare 3.

It’s clearly a lot of work and attention to detail for a fan-made trailer, and the concept seems sound — so we can’t help hoping Activision takes note of Police Warfare.