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Infinity Ward fixes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update bug

Call of Duty fans were treated to a major update on Thursday, complete with the long-awaited fourths seasons of both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone. There was just one problem: The Xbox update had a bug.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Infinity Ward said it was “actively investigating an issue for #ModernWarfare where some players on Xbox are seeing a larger than expected download size for today’s update.”

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Those affected players said that the update was a massive 84GB, significantly larger than the 44.3GB update size Infinity Ward initially promised. PlayStation and PC players didn’t report any problems in their download sizes.

In a follow-up tweet later on Thursday, Infinity Ward said that it had fixed the problem and Xbox One users should be receiving the correct file. Infinity Ward didn’t provide any insight into why the bug happened, and did not immediately respond to a Digital Trends request for comment.

Still, it was an annoyance for players who have been anxiously anticipating the update. Infinity Ward had planned to release the season 4 update last week, but postponed it in support of Black Lives Matter and protests against racial injustice.

The update is a big one. But with a host of new content additions, that’s to be expected.

The new update includes several new maps, including Trench, Scrapyard, and Barakett Promenade. There’s also a new mode called Jailbreak that frees anyone waiting in the game’s Gulag. A new feature called Supply Choppers will allow you to obtain “a truckload of loot” if you can take out a helicopter descending on Verdansk. And a new fire sale event will offer players up to 80% off purchases at the Buy Station. Perhaps most importantly, during a fire sale, teammates who have been taken out can be brought back at no charge.

In the release notes, Infinity Ward said both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone will also benefit from a slew of bug fixes and some modifications to weapons. In Warzone, for instance, players will now find a variety of new weapons, including the Fennec submachine gun, CR-56 Amax assault rifle,  and Renetti pistol strewn about.

The update, sans bugs, is available now.

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