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How to get the armor satchel in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the best battle royale games right now, with full cross-platform support and some unique innovations on the battle royale format. Among the innovations are contracts, which task you with completing a small objective within the Warzone map for a reward. For the majority of Warzone‘s life, the reward for Scavenger contracts — one of the multiple types of contracts available — was a gas mask, which would allow you to stay outside of the ring without taking damage. You can still buy a gas mask from buy stations, but Scavenger contracts offer a different reward: An armor satchel.

An armor satchel lets you carry eight armor plates as opposed to the standard five. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find one.

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How to get the armor satchel

scavenger contract in call of duty warzone
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There are two ways to get the armor satchel in Warzone, so we’ll start with the more straightforward of the two. You can find armor satchels as a loot drop around the map. It isn’t available at buy stations, but in rare cases, it’ll pop out of a crate. Alternatively, you can loot one off of a dead body. Note, though, that the armor satchel is a manual pickup, not an automatic one. If you’re in the midst of a firefight, it’s best to wait until the coast is clear before looting. That way, you won’t need to worry about sorting through ammo types you don’t need while someone is firing at you.

If luck isn’t on your side, you can create your own. The armor satchel replaced the gas mask as the reward for Scavenger contracts. If you haven’t completed one of these contracts, the process is simple. You’ll find icons on the map that look like a yellow triangle with a magnifying glass in the middle. Go to where the icon is, and pick up the contract to start it (they’re usually in buildings, so you might need to look around a bit). Once you start the contract, you’ll need to secure three crates, each of which will be marked on your map.

To get the armor satchel, complete the Scavenger contract by looting all three crates. On the third, the armor satchel will drop. Make sure the contract you’re chasing is a Scavenger contract, though. There are multiple contract types — including the notoriously difficult Contraband contracts — but the armor satchel only drops at the end of Scavenger contracts. As a bonus, each player will receive some money for completing the contract, as well as any loot found in the contract crates.

How to use the armor satchel

armor satchel in call of duty warzone
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The armor satchel lets you hold eight armor plates over the standard five. It doesn’t change how many armor plates you have equipped — you can only load up with three at a time — but it gives you more fuel for replacing your armor after an encounter. Although useful at any point in the game, it’s best to prioritize guns and other loot before going after an armor satchel. Five plates are enough for most early-game encounters, so unless you’re being aggressive, you don’t need an armor satchel right away.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore Scavenger contracts. Guiding your team toward one is the best course of action, even if it’ll be a few minutes before you actually complete it. If someone else picks up the contract, worry not — new contracts spawn every time the ring closes. As you’re approaching the mid-game with a decent loadout and plenty of armor plates, pick up the armor satchel. It’s not that you should avoid it early, just that finding gear is more important.

The armor satchel isn’t just for you, either. In fact, the main benefit of having one is dishing out armor plates to your team. If you pick one up, it’s best to stay close to your team and serve as an armor plate reserve. Each plate offers 50HP, giving you a total of 250HP if you’re fully outfitted. Having armor versus not having it is the key to success, and the armor satchel gives you a significant advantage over other teams in that regard.

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