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Call of Duty players reportedly still gathered for canceled LAN tournament

A canceled LAN tournament for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players in Indianapolis reportedly still took place, despite organizers previously saying that the event would go online only.

American Gaming Network, which was set to host The Indianapolis Open from July 31 to August 2, previously said that it would implement measures such as requiring face masks, providing hand sanitizer, and conducting temperature checks. However, after criticism for planning an event amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament was changed into an online format.

The Indianapolis Open – Summer 2020.

— American Gaming Network ???????? (@AGNEvents) August 1, 2020

However, the event allegedly still pushed through despite AGN’s announcement, Dexerto reported. A video uploaded on Reddit showed players apparently hosting their own LAN tournament at a rented Airbnb location, then Dexerto tweeted separate footage of numerous players gathering for the event.

An amateur Call of Duty LAN event has apparently gone ahead secretly, despite the tournament organizers publicly stating they had canceled it.

Full story:

— DEXERTO Call of Duty #Warzone (@DexertoIntel) August 1, 2020

AGN denied that they were involved with the event, but the organizer’s staff members were present at the venue, according to Dexerto. Meanwhile, the organizer has moved the second day of the tournament to August 9, citing “the inability to play in a safe environment” for players.

It remains unclear why the players would still gather for the tournament after AGN’s announcement, and whether the organizer was involved amid suspicions that it attempted to secretly hold the competition, apparently in defiance of an agreement with Activision.

Digital Trends has reached out to AGN for clarification on what transpired during the event, including whether the organizer will enforce any action against the players who still gathered for the tournament. We will update this article as soon as we hear back.

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