Capcom may be thinking about a ‘Resident Evil Zero’ remaster

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If you can’t get enough of zombie-hunting video games, you may want to thank Capcom for keeping them coming. Their latest contribution is that Resident Evil Zero will soon be remastered in HD, according to a report from Famitsu.

The release date is speculated to be in early 2016, and the game will be available on PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PC and five models of the Xbox 360. This speculative date, however, is for Japan, according to Gamespot. No release dates have been noted for the U.S. or other countries.

The original version of Resident Evil Zero was released in 2002 for GameCube, according to PCGamer. It was designed to be a prequel to the 2002 Resident Evil reboot, which follows the lives of two characters who are forced to combat zombies in order to stay alive.

Capcom, the creator of the Resident Evil series, released a remake of Resident Evil at the beginning of 2002, according to Gamespot. The latest version was in high definition, and it received praise from gamers. As of April 2015, the game has sold more than 1 million units around the globe. It is available for platforms including PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Capcom has stated that it is planning to release more reboots of old video games following Resident Evil’s success. These reboots will be published in high definition, and they will come in the form of digital downloads.

“Overseas, it is becoming difficult to sell these lower-priced and re-mastered titles at stores because of the declining number of stores and sales area limitations,” Capcom said in a call with investors. “Therefore, we started aggressive digital download sales activities. These activities created new demand for these titles.”

Resident Evil HD has become the company’s fastest-selling digital title in its history in North America and Europe. The first Resident Evil was released in 1996, created by Designer Shinji Mikami.