Capcom Packs Monster Hunter Tri with Classic Controller for Wii

Video game publisher Capcom has announced it is bringing Monster Hunter Tri to the North American market this April…but that’s not really the big news. Packed in the box with Monster Hunter Tri will be the new Classic Controller Pro for the Wii, which does away with the Wii’s innovative motion-sensing remote and replaces it with an old-school two-handed joystick-and-buttons game controller. The Classic Controller Pro plugs directly into the Wii Remote controller, and features a second row of shoulder buttons in addition to the Wii’s normal panoply of controls. The Classic Controller has already been on sale in Japan, where’s it’s been a hit, particularly because it provides a familiar interface for people tapping into Virtual Console games on the Wii.

Classic Controller Pro for Wii

“Monster Hunter Tri has made a huge splash in the Japanese market, and we’re confident the bundle with the Classic Controller Pro will give fans in North America plenty to get excited about,” said Nintendo of America’s licensing VP Steve Singer, in a statement. “The Classic Controller Pro gives players even more control options for their favorite Wii games.”

Monster Hunter Tri will go on sale in April with a Classic Controller Pro bundled in for $59.99. Of course, the game and controllers will also be available separately: Monster Hunter Tri will be available for $49.99 by itself, and the Classic Controller Pros will run $19.99 each, in either black or white.

Capcom describes Monster Hunter Tri as “one of the most strikingly beautiful titles developed for Nintendo’s Wii system”—and franchise is huge in Japan. The game presents a working ecosystem where human players co-exist with fantastic creatures on both land and sea—Monster Hunter Tri enables player to go underwater for the first time in the game series, and the game can be played with the regular Wii Remote and Nunchuck—killing monsters is apparently a controller-agnostic activity.

Monster Hunter Tri for Wii