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'Harambe vs Capcom' lets the famous gorilla punch his way back to Africa

There isn’t much about Harambe the gorilla’s last few months that was dignified. He was killed after a young child fell into his enclosure and ever since he’s become a meme poster child for all sorts of internet silliness. But now perhaps he can take his revenge in videogame form, as he’s back, in Harambe vs Capcom.

“Yo Harambe! A shadow agency is sending an extermination team to kill you! They know about your psychic powers! Go find Ryu, he’ll test your might and lead you to the airport to escape to Africa. Whoever’s trying to kill you will surely follow you there so watch your back.”

That’s the beginning of the epic story that takes place in Harambe vs Capcom, just so you know the kind of game you’re getting into from the start. The game is stretched across a number of stages where Harambe must beat the snot out of a range of classic characters from Capcom beat ’em ups, along with security guards and anyone else who gets in his way, all so he can make it home to Africa.

The creators of this masterpieces are the “Otaku gang,” a trio of artists who make “beats, rocking shows and […] video games,” and even create viral internet trends. It feels like Harambe vs Capcom may be an attempt to create something that ticks all of those boxes.

The lyrics from the background music are specifically chosen too, referencing some of the memes you’ve probably heard of in the aftermath of Harambe’s death, as well as some of the artist’s thoughts on the actions taken by those involved in the incident.

The best part of all of this? It’s entirely free and you can play it right now. The download can be grabbed on the official site and weighs in at just 352MB (thanks Polygon). You can also find the official song of the game too. It’s pretty rad.

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