Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC debuts a new trailer

castlevania lords of shadow reverie dlc debuts a new trailer 01 i need your helpIf you played the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, then you know there are a handful of questions that need answering thanks to a surprise epilogue. Those answers may have to wait for a sequel, but Konami is planning two new DLCs that will help to bridge the gap between the events immediately following the final boss fight, and the events in the epilogue which were set long after the ending.

The first of the two DLC, “Reverie” will take you back to the Vampire Queen Carmilla’s castle, where you will trek through three levels with the help of Carmilla’s daughter, Laura, who you will also take control of in certain sections.

The second DLC, “Resurrection”, which Konami has claimed to be the bigger of the two, will feature the return of a “notorious enemy”.

“Reverie” will be available to download on the PSN and Xbox Live on March 30.