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Changing your PlayStation ID could cost you your purchases, game saves

PlayStation 4

Just a few weeks ago, Sony revealed that it would soon let PlayStation Network users change their usernames — a feature that has been requested for several years. While you will indeed be able to swap your own ID to something less terrible, it could come at a cost much higher than simple dollars and cents.

According to users on the forum ResetEra who are members of the PlayStation 4 software beta program, those enrolled will be able to change their names once System Software 6.10 is released in preview form. However, if you choose to change your online ID, Sony cannot guarantee that certain games and data will not be affected. A warning accompanying Sony’s message said that you could potentially lose access to content you already paid for, such as DLC, and you could even lose your trophies or save data as a result.

As was specified previously, the first PSN ID change you make will be free, with subsequent changes costing $5 for those with PlayStation Plus and $10 for those without. You can revert back to your previous PSN ID once during the preview period, though you cannot do so if your previous name is found to have violated the terms of service.

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Even if you change back to your previous ID, though, Sony said that you could still encounter problems related to lost data or purchases, and certain games might still display your name incorrectly.

If you absolutely must change your PSN name, particularly if it’s something like “CrunkcoreWillAlwaysBeCool,” we would consider doing it soon. Red Dead Redemption 2 launched today, and its companion game Red Dead Online is scheduled to arrive in beta form in November.

You’ve been able to change your Xbox Live usernames for years, though that also costs money. The process doesn’t seem to come with any of the caveats of Sony’s system, so we’re hoping the company can figure out a way to address the problem and allow users to change their names without losing saved data. With the ballooning length of games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, having to restart from the very beginning would be a devastating blow.

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