Chapter 11 Expected For Acclaim

“Further information emerging from embattled publisher Acclaim this afternoon indicates that contrary to some media reports today, no redundancies have been made at the firm, but a filing forChapter 11 protection is expected.

The publisher’s studios in Manchester, UK and Austin, Texas are shut today, with employees in Austin believed to be locked out of the offices due to unpaid rent, and staff in Manchester told to go home this morning.

However, a senior US source told this afternoon that despite reports claiming that staff at these sites have been laid off, this is not the case, and no redundancies have been made at the firm so far.”

This is sort of sad to see and we expect other software developers to have a similar fate as game console technologies continue to advance and production costs of video games continue to increase. We ask all you gamers out there this one simple question, “has Acclaim EVER developed a stellar game?”

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