Check out the first few minutes of ‘BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea’

check out the first few minutes of bioshock infinite burial at sea

If you wish to remain completely unspoiled in regards to the upcoming DLC for BioShock Infinite, then you may want to skip the video below. It doesn’t give out any major spoilers, but it does show the first few minutes of the game, including a look at the city of Rapture and some hints as to what the plot is all about – at least the obvious plot.

As we discussed in our preview, the DLC features a different DeWitt and Elizabeth from the pair we saw in BioShock Infinite, and it’s set in a different time (although knowing the BioShock series the truth is more complicated than that). Burial at Sea, the first of the two planned DLCs for Infinite, takes place in Rapture just before things went bad – very bad.

DeWitt remains a detective for hire, but his office is located in Rapture and he is very much a citizen of Andrew Ryan’s underwater utopia. Elizabeth – a different, more femme-fatale Elizabeth than you know from Infinite – seeks him out to help find a girl that DeWitt believes is dead. The two then walk through Rapture at its peak.

Check out the clip below, and check out our recent interview with Ken Levine for more about the creation of Burial at Sea.