Choose your class wisely in this new Brink trailer

choose your class wisely in this new brink trailer classesTypically, choosing a class in a first-person shooter simply means you pick what type of weapon you want to use, or how you want to approach a level. Sometimes those classes have attributes that can help the team, but it is usually just a matter of preference. In Spalsh Damage and Bethesda’s upcoming game Brink, choosing the correct class will determine the success or failure of a mission.

In the video below, the various class types are highlighted, as are the attributes for each class. During missions, you will be able to see the number of each class your team currently has. Each character class will offer their own weapons, and classes can be changed between lives. The classes are:

Soldiers- Using explosives, soldiers are needed to complete demolition missions. This class can also refill teammates’ ammo and increase the amount of ammo a teammate can carry.

Operatives- Operatives are needed to complete “hack” objectives. They can disguise themselves as fallen enemies, and can remain disguised until they attack (or are attacked). They can also see, and mark enemy traps.

Engineers- This class can remove enemy traps, and complete repair and construction objectives. They can also augment teammates’ weapons, and plant or defuse landmines.

Medic- The medic is needed to heal and revive VIPs in escort missions, as well as teammates.

Check out the four multiplayer classes of Brink on May 10, when the game is released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.