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Cleopatra and her sphinx lead Egypt to victory in ‘Sid Meier’s Civilization VI’

Queen Victoria and Teddy Roosevelt will give the world’s greatest powers a run for their money in Civilization VI, but don’t count out Egypt. Backed by the legendary ruler Cleopatra and the mythical sphinx, Egypt is among the most valuable ally for other nations in the game.

The Nile River is an indispensable resource for Egypt, allowing the land’s crops to flourish, and the importance of this water source was been replicated in Civilization VI. By building districts and other structures close to rivers, the construction period is reduced due to the Egyptian “Iteru” special ability. “Wonders,” which provide additional bonuses to the civilization, will also be completed faster by building them on rivers. If you place a sphinx — Egypt’s famous human-lion hybrid structure — close to a Wonder like the pyramids, you will also receive additional bonuses.

Cleopatra’s leadership also comes with its own bonus: additional trade routes to help connect Egypt to other economies. These external trade routes can give Egypt food and gold, helping to make the country and surrounding allies economically interdependent.

“Rather than isolating themselves, the Egyptians remain central to the political landscape throughout the game,” the narrator says in the game’s “First Look: Egypt” video.

If it comes to war, however, Egypt’s Maryannu Chariot Archer units will help you out, as well. The archers, who were among the “elite units in the pharoah’s army,” are most effective when on flat terrain.

“Early in the game it is best at fast attacks,” the narrator adds. “Its mobility means it can respond to wide-ranged threats.”

And while it probably doesn’t need to be said at this point, archers are no match for a hundred of Gandhi’s nukes. If you pick Egypt, you better hope he’s on your side.

Civilization VI hits PC on October 21.

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